CONFERENCE DAY 1 | SUNDAY, 4 December 2022

 “From Local to Global Aquatic Health: Meeting Aquatic Needs with Sound Solutions”

Location: Future Africa

TimeSpeakerPresentation Title
08:00 Registration
09:00Gillian TaylorWelcome President WAVMA
09:15Nick NwankpaIntroductory Remarks: Perspectives of the African Union, Interafrican Bureau for African Resources (Ag. Director; AU-IBAR)
09:30John WalakiraIntroductory Remarks: The Role of the World Aquaculture Society in Aquatic Health Management  (Director, National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), Abi-Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute, President, World Aquaculture Society – Africa Chapter)
09:45Dietmar HolmAfrican Association of Veterinary Education Establishments (2A2E) Programs UP (Faculty of Veterinary Science, Deputy Dean for Teaching  & Learning)
10:15Tea/Coffee BreakTopic: Developing a well-trained aquatic veterinary workforce
10:30A. David ScarfeEfforts to Ensure a Well-trained Aquatic Veterinary Workforce (UP Faculty of Veterinary Science Extraordinary Professor)
11:00Mario I. AlguernoBuilding Capacities through the Evaluation of Performance of Aquatic Animal Health Services (WOAH PVS Tool – Aquatic) (WOAH)
11:30Nelly IsyagiStrengthening the Capacity for Aquatic Animal Health in Africa (Fisheries and Aquaculture Trade and Investment Officer: AU-IBAR)
12:00Gillian Taylor & Johan SteylUP Faculty of Veterinary Science Aquatic Health Unit (UP Faculty of Veterinary Science Extraordinary Lecturer)
12:15Ryan NelThe Onderstepoort Aquatics Club: the value of student body education (Chair: Onderstepoort Aquatics Club)
12:30LunchTopic:  Meeting Aquatic Veterinary Services Needs 
13:30A. David ScarfeExpanding WAVMA’s Student Chapters throughout the World (UP Faculty of Veterinary Science Extraordinary Professor)
13:45Alice NamataThe benefits of establishing a WAVMA students chapter at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity (COVAB) Makerere, Uganda
14:00Stephen ReichleyMSU Fish Innovation Lab and Activities in Africa/Asia (Deputy director and risk mitigation specialist for the Fish Innovation Lab MSU)
14:15Farah Gonul AydınAquatic Animal Health Education in Veterinary Medicine:  A Historical Perspective for Turkey
14:30Stephen ReichleyDevelopment of the Aquatic Animal Health Veterinary Curriculum at Mississippi State University (Deputy director and risk mitigation specialist for the Fish Innovation Lab MSU)
14:45Roy YanongThe University of Florida IFAS Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory: Providing Extension, Research, and Education for Aquaculture Industries in Florida (Professor and Extension Veterinarian UFL Tropical Aquatic Laboratory)
15:15Tea/Coffee BreakTopic: Supporting Sustainable Aquaculture Needs
15:45Melba Reantaso, Jose ParaguaDrivers and pathways to disease emergence in aquaculture and possible solutions through the PMP/AB. FAO TrueFish (FAO)
16:15David Verner-JeffreysCefas international aquatic animal system strengthening capacities (CEFAS)
16:30Michael SalutinThe Ornamental Fish Industry in South Africa (Equatorial Aquatics)
16:45Nenene QekwanaSummation of today’s presentations: Moving Forward to Strengthen Aquatic Animal Heath (HOD, Department of Para-clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Science, UP)
18:00         EVENTCocktail evening function @ Future Africa   | Visit Exhibitions

  19:30           WAVMA AGM

Conference Day 2 | Monday 5 December 2022

“The Role of the Veterinarian and Para-veterinarian in Aquatic Health Management Programs”

Location: Future Africa

TimeSpeakerPresentation Title ( 30 minutes)
09:00Roy YanongChallenges and Opportunities:  A look into current and evolving roles for veterinarians and other health professionals in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine (Professor and Extension Veterinarian UFL Tropical Aquatic Laboratory)
09:30Nelly IsyagiAquatic Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Practice in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges (Fisheries and Aquaculture Trade and Investment Officer: AU-IBAR)
10:00Dusan PalicPathway to Disease Prevention, Control and Eradication using Principles of Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity (Chair Fish Diseases and Fishery Biology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,  Ludwig-Maximilions University, Munich)
10:30Neale StrauchA Farmers perspective: Biosecurity and Your Vet. (Farmer, Urban Aquaponics)
10:45Tea/Coffee Break
Topics: Meeting Aquatic diagnostic needsTopics: Farm and system level preventative health management/ Biosecurity
 SpeakerPresentation TitleSpeakerPresentation Title
11:00Johan SteylAquatic Diagnostics: The Role of HistopathologyKevin ChristisonSurveillance & Early Disease Detection Systems
11:15Andre VoslooThe Use of Metabolomics to Assess Aquatic Animal HealthGillian TaylorBiosecurity Certification for Developing Regions: TAASA’s approach to support SA tilapia aquaculture
11:30Mariska LaubscherDiagnostics in AquacultureStephen ReichleyPractical Approaches to Herd Health in Food Fish Aquaculture
11:45Vernon CoyneThe Use of Biomarkers for Monitoring Chronic Stress in Farmed AbaloneCelia SnymanEstablishing the University of KwaZulu-Natal Zebrafish Research Facility
12:00Abdullateef AjadiEffects of Different Anaesthetic Agents on Haematological Parameters of Giant African Catfish (Heterobranchus bidorsalis)Stanley Hughes-ObresiA Biosecurity Survey of Aquaculture Farms in Parts of Ghana
12:15Gillian TaylorCorrelations Between Gill Histopathological Markers and Ecto-parasite Burdens in RAS-Farmed Tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) in the Northern Provinces of South AfricaDavid KassamMalawi Taking Strides in the Aquatic Health Arena
13:40Essa SulemanTiLV and ISKNV DiagnosticsKevin ChristisonIntegrated Parasite Management Strategies
13:55Thami NogwebelaDevelopment of Indicator Cells for Virus Detection.Chika OkeoguStrategies for Overcoming Threats to Fish Production in Nigeria: A Holistic Approach
14:10  Brandon SpolanderLactococcus Garviae
Topics:  Antimicrobial Resistance and One HealthTopics: Ornamentals and Aquaria
14:15Laura UrdesApplying One Health to Aquatic Ecosystems14:30:  Iva PrikrylovaParasites from ornamental fishes imported into South Africa: so little is known
14:45Andrew JosephFAO AMR Reference centre
15:00Sawyerr Eric BoyceAntibiotic Use by Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Farmers in Two Fishing Regions, in Ghana15:00:  Francois LampenVeterinary Medicine in a Modern Aquarium: Meeting the Challenges in a Changing World
15:15Adeleke SuliatAntimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistant Profiles of Bacteria Recovered from Fish Farms in Oyo State, Nigeria
15:30Tea/Coffee Break
15:45P.N Kayoka-KabongoAntibiofilm, Antibacterial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Plant Species from the Anacardiaceae Family Against Selected Fish PathogensBernice van HuyssteenThe use of Gentamicin-Impregnated Polymethyl Methacrylate beads and Surgical Intervention in the Treatment of Resistant Otitis Media and Cranial Abscess in a Juvenile Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta)
16:00I. M. FamuyideBiofilm Forming Capacity of Some Important Fish Associated Pathogens and Determination of the Antimicrobial, Antibiofilm, Anti-inflammatory and Cytotoxic Activities of Selected Compounds of Natural OriginDr Caryl KnoxSedation of Southern Pompano (Trachinotus africanus) using ketamine, medetomidine and butorphanol delivered via an intramuscular pressurized dart
16:15John FoordBiotoxin risks in shellfishNick St ErneTherapeutics for Treating Ornamental Fish
16:30Wondie ZalalemPesticide Concentration in Selected Fish Species and Human Health Risk in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia.
19:00 Gala Dinner

Conference Day 3  | TUESDAY, 6 December 2022
“KoiPrax: Introduction to Koi Pond Management and Current Clinical Problems Associated with the Environment”

Location: Future Africa

TimeSpeakerPresentation Title
09:00Gillian TaylorWelcome and introductions
09:15Julius TepperClinical Aspects of Design and
Function of Aquasystems
10:45Tea/Coffee Break
11:00Nick St ErneKoi Life Support Systems and Water Quality
11:45Julius Tepper and Nick St ErneClinical Cases Associated with the Koi Habitat
13:30Julius TepperCold Weather Koi Pond Problems
14:45Nick St Erne.Warm Weather Koi Pond Problems
15:30Tea/Coffee Break
15:45Julius Tepper, Nick St Erne,
and Gillian Taylor
Roundtable Discussion

Free Evening