World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association


WAVMA has been able to organise aquatic veterinary educational programs or streams at the WVA Congress since 2005 and an aquatics stream at the WSAVA Congress since 2015. Through these affiliations, WAVMA has been able to build bridges with numerous veterinary and non-veterinary organisations around the world, including OIE and FAO.

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WAVMA has promoted aquatic veterinary medicine within our profession but also to those outside the profession. As an organisation with global reach, it is important that we continue to be the conduit of shared knowledge to improve, promote and expand aquatic veterinary medicine.


WAVMA is an altruistic organisation prepared to share and build resources for the benefit of the aquatic veterinary community globally.

Congress Scientific Programme Outline

DAY 1 | SUNDAY, 4 December 2022

From local to global aquatic health: meeting aquatic needs with sound solutions


Koiprax: The Koi Habitat – Introduction to Koi pond management and current clinical problems associated with the environment. 

DAY 2 | MONDAY, 5 December 2022

The Role of the Veterinarian and Para-veterinarian in aquatic health management (Veterinary and Para-veterinary streams)


Aquaculture farm trips |

Finfish Clinical Exam, Necropsy & Diagnostic Wet Lab (Veterinary and Para-veterinary streams)

Conference Organising Committee

Dr Gillian Taylor

BVSc (UP) MSc- Vet Sci (UP) CertAqV (WAVMA) | President WAVMA | Clinician: African Aquatic Veterinary Services | Extra-ordinary lecturer: Aquatic Health Unit, Dept. Paraclinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Science, UPHealth portfolio: Tilapia Aquaculture Association of SA (TAASA)

Prof. David Scarfe

A. David Scarfe, PhD, DVM, MRSSAf, CertAqV, is an Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria, Faculty off Veterinary Sciences (S. Africa), the Associate Director of the International Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity Consortium, Faculty off Veterinary Medicine at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (Germany), the CEO of the Aquatic Veterinary Associates International (USA), and the Administrator/Coordinator of the International Partnership for Aquatic Veterinary Education (USA).

Dr Julius Tepper

Born on 6/6/1949 and raised in NYC, Dr. Tepper graduated from York College of CUNY in 1971. He then went to Europe to study veterinary medicine, graduating with honors from the University de Liege in Brussels, Belgium in 1976.

Prof Nenene Qekwana

BSc (UFS), BVSc MMedVet, PhD (Pretoria) University of Pretoria. Senior Lecturer VPH, HOD: Para clinical Sciences.  Nenene holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Free State, BVSc and MMedVet specialist degree in Veterinary Public Health from the University of Pretoria. In 2018, Nenene was awarded a PhD by the University of Pretoria.

Dr Kevin Christison

Ph.D – University of the Free State (Aquatic Animal Parasitology). Directorate Aquaculture Research and Development, Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment. Also affiliated to the Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Department, University of the Western Cape. Currently National World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH – formerly OIE) Aquatic Focal point Commission member of the WOAH Aquatic Animals Health Standards Commission (Second term 2021-2023)

Mr Ryan Nel

Undergraduate BVSc student (4th year ), Faculty of Veterinary Science, UP Chair Onderstepoort Aquatic Club (OPAC)

Prof Gareth Bath

Gareth Bath had had wide experience of most aspects of sheep and goat health and production since 1970 and has published extensively in scientific journals and other scientific publications including several books and chapters in books. He has delivered over 100 scientific addresses and over 20 papers at international conferences.


B.V.M, MSc. Aquaculture, Ph.D Aquaculture AFFILIATIONS: Fisheries & Aquaculture Trade and Investment Expert, AU-IBAR; World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (current Director-at-Large, Africa & the Middle East Region and Member of the Education and Students Committee); World Aquaculture Society (current Director for Eastern Africa, African Chapter) ;


PhD Entomology (UP), Mtech Degree Veterinary Technology (TUT), Btech Degree Veterinary Technology (TUT), National Diploma Veterinary Technology (TUT)

Dr JOhan Steyl

Dr Johan Steyl qualified as a veterinarian in 2001 and registered with the South African Veterinary Council. He worked in a mixed animal practice before returning to the University of Pretoria in 2002 to further his studies. Dr Steyl obtained his MSc degree, with distinction, in 2012.


Dale Parrish qualified at the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Onderstepoort, South Africa, in 1989 and worked in private practice from 1990 until 1994. She then joined MSD Animal Health responsible for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Dale joined V-Tech in 2011 and has nearly 30 years experience in Animal Health. She obtained her Masters in Business Administration in 2018.

Date: 3 December 2022
Venue: Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Onderstepoort

Aquaculture Farmers Workshop


This workshop will be structured as a one- day aquaculture farmer workshop. The focus will be to improve farmer understanding of fish health and its critical link to farm productivity, through lectures, practical demonstrations and wet-labs. Farmers will be better equipped to deal with day- to- day management of fish health and farm biosecurity, understand what to do in a crisis, and how to timeously mitigate losses.

The course will serve to strengthen the farmer- veterinarian relationship within the aquaculture sector.


Early bird: R850 | Standard: R1000

Early bird ends: 07/11/2022

PROGRAMME – CLICK HERE TO VIEW: https://bit.ly/farmersdayprogram

Sponsorship Options

The Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Professor Vinny Naidoo invites you to participate in our 2022 World Aquatic Health Conference, to be hosted as a hybrid event from 4-7 December 2022 at Future Africa conference centre, and Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria.   The event will also provide a global platform to share thoughts and understanding among veterinarians, para-veterinarians and representatives of government and industry with a view to share ideas and improve, promote and expand aquatic veterinary medicine within our profession but also to those supporting the profession and industry.

2022 AQUACULTURE FARMERS WORKSHOP will be presented pre-congress:  This workshop to be hosted as an in-person event on Saturday,  3 December 2022.This workshop will be structured as a one-day aquaculture farmer workshop. The focus will be to improve farmers understanding of fish health and its critical link to farm productivity, through lectures, practical demonstrations and wet-labs. Farmers will be better equipped to deal with day- to- day management of fish health and farm biosecurity, understand what to do in a crisis, and how to timeously mitigate losses.



Engage with local and international aquatic health experts, farmers and supporting industries

Interested in getting involved? 
Sponsorship opportunities are available now
Contact:  Conferences@vetlink.co.za

Conference Venue



The University of Pretoria’s new Future Africa campus will be the place where Africa’s leading scientists and scholars from across the world and from a broad range of disciplines will come together to leverage the benefits of transdisciplinary research to address the grand challenges that face Africa and the world. Issues of critical relevance to Africa will be tackled: from sustainable development and good governance, citizen participation and human rights, to advancing innovation for the bioresource economy.

The Future Africa campus will provide a dynamic living, learning and research environment where a community of scholars and other societal role players will engage to advance excellence in scholarship, dialogue and impact.



Two people sharing a room


Reservations are essential and can be made through:email:  accommodation@futureafrica.science
Telephone: 012 4206969

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Post conference tours & experiences 

One Health/ Wildlife experience – Hans Hoeisin Wildlife Research Centre
Justin Bonello Wild Coast Adventure
Whale Trail Slackpacking Trip

Hosted by

World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA)

Onderstepoort Aquatic Unit  (OAU) Department of Paraclinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria

Conference organiser:  Vetlink Conferences – www.vetlink.co.za

Aims and Objectives of the WAVMA |
OP Aquatic Unit Conference 2022

Advancing Aquatic Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health in Africa.

Strategy and planning of future programs

Showcasing South African products and services to International stakeholders to encourage export and collaboration

Publications (Conference Proceedings)

Knowledge or skills transfer

Identifying useful veterinary/animal health programs to support producers & industries

Consideration of greening or sustainability Initiatives

Improvement of services for the aquatic/aquaculture sectors

Expanding WAVMA/OP influence/leadership in Africa

Facilitation/creation of an Investment Platform to stimulate Foreign Direct Investment in the country

Promoting local and international Veterinary, government, producer & supporting industry networking

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