WAVMA is the global representative body of a unique group of veterinarians and para-veterinarians working within the domain of aquatic health and welfare within a broad sector group inclusive, but not limited to aquaculture, pet and ornamental fish, display aquaria, research and teaching, government and legislative, corporate and pharmaceutical application.

The diverse responsibilities of an aquatic veterinary professional include consulting, clinical diagnostics and therapeutics, production and breeding advice to the aquaculture sector, promoting viable and sustainable animal production systems in harmony with the natural resources and the environment, while supporting animal welfare and socio-economic development. Many aquatic professionals are also involved with aquatic research, and skills development and training programs from farmer level to tertiary post-graduate support. 

To facilitate global inclusion and affordability, this congress has been designed as a hybrid event, incorporating in-person attendance with live streaming of the main sessions.

For a potential sponsor, opportunities of reaching and interacting with representatives of the following sectors will be possible at the congress. These include the global, regional and local network of aquatic veterinarians and para-veterinarians, corporates supporting aquaculture initiatives, academics and students with interest in aquatic health, aquaculture consultants and advisors, government representatives, state veterinary services and policymakers, aquatic research facility representatives, global animal health group representatives, and stakeholders in the aquaculture processing and value-adding industry. 

As President of WAVMA, 2022, I see the enormous potential of this event, as the first of its kind in Africa, perhaps a “first of its kind” for WAVMA, and bringing with it, a way for our global aquatic groups to connect, to give out, to sow seeds on African soil, and to add fuel and impetus to a “fire” already burning in S.A.

Dr Gillian Taylor

WAVMA President 2022

Invitation from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

The Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Professor Vinny Naidoo invites you to participate in our 2022 World Aquatic Health Conference, to be hosted as a hybrid event from 4-7 December 2022 at Future Africa conference centre, and Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria.  The event will also provide a global platform to share thoughts and understanding among veterinarians, para-veterinarians and representatives of government and industry with a view to share ideas and improve, promote and expand aquatic veterinary medicine within our profession but also to those supporting the profession and industry.

2022 AQUACULTURE FARMERS WORKSHOP will be presented pre-congress:  This workshop to be hosted as an in-person event on Saturday, 3 December 2022.This workshop will be structured as a one-day aquaculture farmer workshop. The focus will be to improve farmers understanding of fish health and its critical link to farm productivity, through lectures, practical demonstrations and wet-labs. Farmers will be better equipped to deal with day- to- day management of fish health and farm biosecurity, understand what to do in a crisis, and how to timeously mitigate losses.

Prof Daniel Qekwana 


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A4 Full Colour Inside Front Cover:  R2500

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A4 Full Colour Outside Back Cover: R2500

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Exhibition space at the Lectures Halls (Onderstepoort, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

R3 500

  • Two pull up banners
  • One insert in handouts

Opportunity to address the audience for 5 minutes and exhibition stand

R10 000

  • 5 minutes on programme
  • Exhibition stand 3mx2m