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Farmers Day Workshop Delegates are invited to attend the Welcome Cocktail Reception at Future Africa on Sunday, 4 December, 2022, 18:00-20:00

CONFERENCE DAY 1 | SUNDAY, 4 December 2022

 “From Local to Global Aquatic Health: Meeting Aquatic Needs with Sound Solutions”

Location: Future Africa

TimeSpeakerPresentation Title
08:00 Registration
09:00Gillian TaylorWelcome President WAVMA
09:15Nick NwankpaIntroductory Remarks: Perspectives of the African Union, Interafrican Bureau for African Resources (Ag. Director; AU-IBAR)
09:30John WalakiraIntroductory Remarks: The Role of the World Aquaculture Society in Aquatic Health Management  (Director, National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), Abi-Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute, President, World Aquaculture Society – Africa Chapter)
09:45Dietmar HolmAfrican Association of Veterinary Education Establishments (2A2E) Programs UP (Faculty of Veterinary Science, Deputy Dean for Teaching  & Learning)
10:15Tea/Coffee BreakTopic: Developing a well-trained aquatic veterinary workforce
10:30A. David ScarfeEfforts to Ensure a Well-trained Aquatic Veterinary Workforce (UP Faculty of Veterinary Science Extraordinary Professor)
11:00Mario I. AlguernoBuilding Capacities through the Evaluation of Performance of Aquatic Animal Health Services (WOAH PVS Tool – Aquatic) (WOAH)
11:30Nelly IsyagiStrengthening the Capacity for Aquatic Animal Health in Africa (Fisheries and Aquaculture Trade and Investment Officer: AU-IBAR)
12:00Gillian Taylor & Johan SteylUP Faculty of Veterinary Science Aquatic Health Unit (UP Faculty of Veterinary Science Extraordinary Lecturer)
12:15Ryan NelThe Onderstepoort Aquatics Club: the value of student body education (Chair: Onderstepoort Aquatics Club)
12:30LunchTopic:  Meeting Aquatic Veterinary Services Needs 
13:30A. David ScarfeExpanding WAVMA’s Student Chapters throughout the World (UP Faculty of Veterinary Science Extraordinary Professor)
13:45Alice NamataThe benefits of establishing a WAVMA students chapter at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity (COVAB) Makerere, Uganda
14:00Stephen ReichleyMSU Fish Innovation Lab and Activities in Africa/Asia (Deputy director and risk mitigation specialist for the Fish Innovation Lab MSU)
14:15Farah Gonul AydınAquatic Animal Health Education in Veterinary Medicine:  A Historical Perspective for Turkey
14:30Stephen ReichleyDevelopment of the Aquatic Animal Health Veterinary Curriculum at Mississippi State University (Deputy director and risk mitigation specialist for the Fish Innovation Lab MSU)
14:45Roy YanongThe University of Florida IFAS Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory: Providing Extension, Research, and Education for Aquaculture Industries in Florida (Professor and Extension Veterinarian UFL Tropical Aquatic Laboratory)
15:15Tea/Coffee BreakTopic: Supporting Sustainable Aquaculture Needs
15:45Melba Reantaso, Jose ParaguaDrivers and pathways to disease emergence in aquaculture and possible solutions through the PMP/AB. FAO TrueFish (FAO)
16:15David Verner-JeffreysCefas international aquatic animal system strengthening capacities (CEFAS)
16:30Michael SalutinThe Ornamental Fish Industry in South Africa (Equatorial Aquatics)
16:45Nenene QekwanaSummation of today’s presentations: Moving Forward to Strengthen Aquatic Animal Heath (HOD, Department of Para-clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Science, UP)
18:00         EVENTCocktail evening function @ Future Africa   | Visit Exhibitions

  19:30           WAVMA AGM

Conference Day 2 | Monday 5 December 2022

“The Role of the Veterinarian and Para-veterinarian in Aquatic Health Management Programs”

Location: Future Africa

TimeSpeakerPresentation Title ( 30 minutes)
09:00Roy YanongChallenges and Opportunities:  A look into current and evolving roles for veterinarians and other health professionals in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine (Professor and Extension Veterinarian UFL Tropical Aquatic Laboratory)
09:30Nelly IsyagiAquatic Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Practice in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges (Fisheries and Aquaculture Trade and Investment Officer: AU-IBAR)
10:00Dusan PalicPathway to Disease Prevention, Control and Eradication using Principles of Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity (Chair Fish Diseases and Fishery Biology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,  Ludwig-Maximilions University, Munich)
10:30Neale StrauchA Farmers perspective: Biosecurity and Your Vet. (Farmer, Urban Aquaponics)
10:45 Tea/Coffee Break

Topics: Meeting Aquatic diagnostic needsSTREAM TWOTopics: Farm and system level preventative health management/ BiosecuritySTREAM THREETopics: Aquatic diseases of concern and sustainable aquaculture
SpeakerPresentation TitleSpeakerPresentation TitleSpeakerPresentation Title
11:00Johan SteylAquatic Diagnostics: The Role of HistopathologyKevin ChristisonSurveillance & Early Disease Detection SystemsGaëlle Nathalie Tinak SatokManagement of Outbreaks of Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome in Cameroon
11:15Andre VoslooThe Use of Metabolomics to Assess Aquatic Animal HealthGillian TaylorBiosecurity Certification for Developing Regions: TAASA’s approach to support SA tilapia aquacultureJohn WalakiraEmerging Pathogens Affecting Tilapia Farming in Uganda
11:30Mariska LaubscherDiagnostics in AquacultureStephen ReichleyPractical Approaches to Herd Health in Food Fish AquacultureBart GorgoglioneEvaluating Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae infection in North American salmonids
11:45Vernon CoyneThe Use of Biomarkers for Monitoring Chronic Stress in Farmed AbaloneBrandon SpolanderLactococcus GarviaeFarah Gonul AydınThe Virulence Characteristics of Pseudomonas spp. and Vibrio spp. Isolated from Cultured Fish Species
12:00Abdullateef AjadiEffects of Different Anaesthetic Agents on Haematological Parameters of Giant African Catfish (Heterobranchus bidorsalis)Stanley Hughes-ObresiA Biosecurity Survey of Aquaculture Farms in Parts of GhanaChika IkeoguVitamin C reduces gastrohepatic alterations induced by lead nitrate in juveniles of African catfish Clarias gariepinus
12:15Gillian TaylorCorrelations Between Gill Histopathological Markers and Ecto-parasite Burdens in RAS-Farmed Tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) in the Northern Provinces of South AfricaDavid KassamMalawi Taking Strides in the Aquatic Health ArenaEzra ByakoraDetermination of Edwardsiella tarda Median Lethal Dose (LD50) in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
13:40Essa SulemanTiLV and ISKNV DiagnosticsKevin ChristisonIntegrated Parasite Management Strategies13:30 Nana Yaa Asantewaa Donkor
Common Bacteria Isolates on Skin of Farmed Catfish in the Ashanti Region, Ghana
13:55Thami NogwebelaDevelopment of Indicator Cells for Virus Detection.Chika IkeoguStrategies for Overcoming Threats to Fish Production in Nigeria: A Holistic Approach13:45 Roy YanongISKNV

STREAM ONETopics:  Antimicrobial Resistance and One HealthSTREAM TWOTopics: Ornamentals and AquariaSTREAM THREE
Topic: Aquatic diseases of concern and sustainable aquaculture
14:15Laura UrdesApplying One Health to Aquatic Ecosystems14:15:  Iva PrikrylovaParasites from ornamental fishes imported into South Africa: so little is known14:15 Sahr MamoudMolecular and Phenotypic Analysis of Streptococcal strains: Lactococcus garvieae, Streptococcus dysgalactiae, and Enterococcus faecalis Causing Tilapia spp.
14:30 Khethiwe MtshaliPrevalence of Fasciola hepatica in non-traditional snail hosts: implications on Xenomonitoring and the Control of Fascioliasis
14:45Andrew JosephFAO AMR Reference centre14:45:  Francois LampenVeterinary Medicine in a Modern Aquarium: Meeting the Challenges in a Changing World14:45 David Peter Mina BayaAeromonas hydropila: Fish Disease and Control Strategy in South Sudan
15:00Sawyerr Eric BoyceAntibiotic Use by Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Farmers in Two Fishing Regions, in Ghana15:00 Abdullateef AjadiEvaluation of Growth, Haematological, Biochemical and Oxidative Stress Parameters of Clarias gariepinus fed with Leaf Meals of Alstonia boonei and
Mitracarpus scaber
15:15Adeleke SuliatAntimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistant Profiles of Bacteria Recovered from Fish Farms in Oyo State, Nigeria15:15: Bernice van HuyssteenThe use of Gentamicin-Impregnated Polymethyl Methacrylate beads and Surgical Intervention in the Treatment of Resistant Otitis Media and Cranial Abscess in a Juvenile Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta)15:15 Dr Gugulethu MoyoEvaluation of a Commercial Probiotic on the Biological Performance of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) during Sex-reversal and Extended Nursing in Kenya
15:30Tea/Coffee Break
15:45P.N Kayoka-KabongoAntibiofilm, Antibacterial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Plant Species from the Anacardiaceae Family Against Selected Fish Pathogens15:45:
Dr Caryl Knox
Sedation of Southern Pompano (Trachinotus africanus) using ketamine, medetomidine and butorphanol delivered via an intramuscular pressurized dart15:45
Bart Gorgoglione
Diagnostic investigation upon a large mortality event in an ongrowing carp farm
16:00I. M. FamuyideBiofilm Forming Capacity of Some Important Fish Associated Pathogens and Determination of the Antimicrobial, Antibiofilm, Anti-inflammatory and Cytotoxic Activities of Selected Compounds of Natural Origin16:00 Nick St ErneTherapeutics for Treating Ornamental Fish16:00 Moges Beletew ShenkuteFirst Report of Monongenean Flat Worms from Lake Tana, Ethiopia: Gill Parasites of Commercially Important Clarias gariepinus and Oreochromis niloticus
16:15John FoordBiotoxin risks in shellfish16:15 Luca MendesDomoic Acid Toxicosis May Explain Unusual Mortality in Cape Fur Seals (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus)
16:30Wondie ZalalemPesticide Concentration in Selected Fish Species and Human Health Risk in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia.16:30:
Celia Snyman
Establishing the University of KwaZulu-Natal Zebrafish Research Facility16:30 Tolera EtichaMacroinvertebrate-based Index of Biotic Integrity for Assessing the Ecological Condition of Lake Wanchi, Ethiopia
16:45 Nadia Eldirdiry KaromHazardous Heavy Metals Contaminant in Sudan Fisheries
19:00 Gala Dinner (Future Africa)

Conference Day 3  | TUESDAY, 6 December 2022
“KoiPrax: Introduction to Koi Pond Management and Current Clinical Problems Associated with the Environment”

Location: Future Africa

TimeSpeakerPresentation Title
09:00Gillian Taylor Welcome and introductions
09:15Julius Tepper Clinical Aspects of Design and
Function of Aquasystems

10:45Tea/Coffee Break

11:00Nick St ErneKoi Life Support Systems and Water Quality
11:45Julius Tepper and Nick St ErneClinical Cases Associated with the Koi Habitat


13:30Julius Tepper Cold Weather Koi Pond Problems
14:45Nick St Erne. Warm Weather Koi Pond Problems

15:30Tea/Coffee Break

15:45Julius Tepper, Nick St Erne,
and Gillian Taylor
Roundtable Discussion

Free Evening

Wetlab/Farm Tour Day 4  | WEDNESDAY, 7 December 2022

WETLAB @ 09:00-13:00

“Finfish Clinical Exam, Necropsy & Diagnostic Wet Lab”

Location: Onderstepoort Faculty of Veterinary Science

09:00Depart from Future Africa
10:00Fish Anesthesia, Clinical Exam, Euthanasia, Necropsy & Diagnostic Sampling Demonstration
10:30Delegate Teams perform Similar Tasks
12:00Delegate Discussion / Q&A 
13:00Return to Future Africa 

FARM tour @ 13:00-17:00

“Aquaculture Farm Tour”

13:00Depart from Future Africa
14:00Description of Farm Operations
15:00Delegates Tour Farm
16:00Delegates Discussion / Q&A
17:00Return to Future Africa or Hotels